Hypnotherapy Services

Often, when we go through an event, we subconsciously accept or decide something that leaves us with a residual empowering idea, or a limiting idea. Hypnosis allows you the freedom to turn previously held limiting ideas or emotions into positive and empowering ones. You can use hypnosis to unlock the power of your own creative Intelligence to realize any goal, be it something as simple as relaxation, or for accelerated healing.  During our consultation time, we will discuss your issue, and what you can expect from hypnosis.  We’ll also agree on what we are going to transform that day.

I always offer a free 20 minute phone consultation.  

45 minute Refresh and Relax session-  $60.

90 minute Hypnotherapy Session-   $120.

3 Session Package:  $300.

Couples Past-Life Regression Session-  $125.00

Phone:  512.755.9158

E-mail:  sheilahypno@gmail.com

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