How can hypnosis help me?

In any way that you can imagine, and in ways you may not have heard about!  Any goal or issue that you have can be addressed with hypnotherapy. If you can imagine a positive goal, and how you can feel better, hypnosis can help.  Through an easy process of relaxation and visualization, you can release negative patterns from the past, and creat new internal resources to give you strength.  

Some traditional uses of hypnotherapy are:

goal attainment

– relief of stress, anxiety and panic attacks

– good sleep

– pain control for chronic pain (work as an adjunct to your doctor and healing professionals)

– Medical Support (when your doctor recommends a regimen you need help assimilating)

– lightening depression (complementary to your counselors and psychiatrists)

– overcoming trauma or fears

– releasing negative patterns, and strengthening positive ones

– increased memory and accelerated learning

– phobia reversal

– enhanced creativity

– confidence

– increased self-esteem

– seeking ALIVENESS and ENERGY

– weight loss

– relationship work

– inner peace
– coping with grief

– connecting to your higher self

– uncovering the meaning of a dream.

– spiritual connection

– Past Life Regression (if one believes in reincarnation)

– Natal Regression (releasing trauma from around the events of a person’s birth)

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